And the Best Husband Award Goes to…

besthubbyOkay. For the next few minutes I’m going to be that girl who brags about how great her hubby is. I don’t like it either, just bear with me if you can. I simply must take a moment to share how much I appreciate this man. I mean, look at what I came home to up there after a long, stressful day at work. A sink (and stove top) full of dirty dishes and pots with a post-it note on the rubber gloves that reads, “don’t touch. go rest ♥”. And from someone who usually never uses English, might I add. I may be biased because he’s my hubby and all, but I’d say that’s pretty post-worthy.


Just what the doctor ordered!

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5-Day Juice Cleanse: Day 4 & 5 (Super Late Update!)

Oh, dear. Look at me blogging about the ending to my juice cleanse THREE MONTHS after it’s over. Let me first apologize for the super delayed post and also say that yes, I DID successfully complete the entire 5 days to great results! Two days after finishing the cleanse, I went to Guam for a week’s vacation with my husband, and then went straight back to work to start the second semester. All thoughts of blogging went out the window right then and there because this new semester has been so incredibly stressful due to a sudden change in position between my co-teacher and another teacher (which apparently happened in secret over summer vacation). Thus began a hellish semester full of frustration, arguments, rants, accusations, headaches… Okay I’m going to need a whole separate post dedicated to this woman.

ANYWAY. Back to the cleanse! Let’s finally tie off loose ends on this thing. Fortunately, I’ve kept up a daily food log on my Instagram to keep track of everything I ate during and after the cleanse, so I will re-post those pictures down below.

Day 4 Juices

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5-Day Juice Cleanse: Day 3

I noticed that I’m much more energetic and positive in the mornings than evenings, which is the complete opposite of how I am while eating normally.

Day 3, Juice #1: “Carrot-Apple-Ginger” – made two servings last night with added lemon and pineapple.

20140813_0751008:00 PM – Driving to work

Taste: I was dreading drinking this carrot juice today because last night I could barely keep it down. But it was actually very good this morning! It really helps to drink these juices ice cold – it makes a world of difference. Just like beer straight out of the fridge vs. lukewarm beer that’s been sitting out. Ah, beer.. beer with fried chicken… with BBQ sauce…

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5-Day Juice Cleanse: Day 2

Got up early this morning to make three different  juices to drink at work (breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack). It actually took me nearly an hour to finish all three and clean up! It would’ve taken longer if I hadn’t narrowed down the exact recipes to make for today last night, thank goodness for that. Maybe I should make some ahead of time before bed tonight. FYI, all of the recipes I use for this week are from Joe Cross’s Reboot program online. I looked up so many others on Pinterest, but I like how the Reboot program tells you exactly how and when to drink what, color coded and everything.

Day 2, Juice #1:  “Peach Pie Delight” – ripe peaches, apples, sweet potato, blueberries, dash of cinnamon 


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5-Day Juice Cleanse: Day 1 (Part I)

Last night, I went to bed all pumped up and excited about starting this 5-day detox. This morning, I was still half-asleep as I blended my first two drinks for today in a blender. The new juicer hadn’t arrived yet, so I had to make do with smoothies. I also overslept 20 minutes, so I only had time to hurry and make two instead of the three smoothie recipes I’d previously bookmarked before rushing off to work.

day1s18:00 AM  Juice #1 (smoothie)

– 1 green apple, cored and chopped into chunks

– 1 cucumber, seeded and peeled

– 1/4 cup apple mint, finely chopped

Mood: Not pleasant, no energy, pissed at how gross the smoothie tasted. Somehow made it through five periods back to back of English Camp without barking at the kids.

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5-Day Juice Cleanse: Preparations


As I mentioned in my last post, I decided to do a juice cleanse because I’ve fallen back into my old habits of eating processed foods everyday, ordering in and not doing any workouts whatsoever. Let me throw out there that this juice cleanse is something I usually do not do. I hate the word “diet”, and privately shake my head in annoyance whenever my coworkers jabber on about the latest trendy diet in Korea. I have never participated in a diet plan such as Atkins, the Denmark Diet, cabbage diet, etc etc etc. But after watching a documentary on all the amazing health benefits of juicing, I was intrigued. Unlike other silly diet trends, this method seemed logical to me because you can start or stop at any time without going into a huge relapse, and it had one clear objective: to flush out all the toxins and chemicals that have built up inside our body over all the years of bad eating, NOT to “drop 20 pounds and look hot in a bikini by next week”. To use my earlier example, it’s like jumpstarting a dead car battery with cables.

After some research, I went grocery shopping like I’ve never done before, stocking up on veggies and fruit as if a vegan apocalypse is upon us. Does that make any sense? No. It’s hard to concentrate on blogging when all I can think of right now is a large pepperoni Pan pizza.  Continue reading