Owl Teapot!

SAMSUNG CSCBehold, the Owl Teapot. Let me just start by saying, I am obsessed with owls. I have owl earrings, necklace, wall clock, oven mitts… you get the idea. And now, I have an owl teapot to add to the madness. My husband got this for me a month ago as one of three surprise anniversary gifts, and I’ve used this baby errrrrday to brew my favorite tea. He told me later that he saw this teapot on a random Korean show interviewing a woman in her 50’s who loves all things owl – a.k.a. me in 30 years – and has all sorts of unique home decor and handmade crafts of owls. (How many times can I type ‘owl’ in one post?) He then tracked it down on a Korean website that sells cutesy products like this. Continue reading