Sore Body, Happy Mind

After a weekend mainly consisting of utter sloth and gluttony, Monday came with a handful of mild motivation to get back on the horse. The workout horse, I mean.

Monday: I attempted jogging in short bursts on the treadmill, but quickly gave up on that once I started huffing and puffing like the Big Bad Wolf. Spent a nice 50 min on the treadmill, stretched, did two machines, stretched, did 100 or so crunches with legs in various poses, and went home feelin’ nice and refreshed.


Tuesday:  I walked home from work, ate a Korean dinner at home with microwaved white rice and side dishes I bought along the way ($10 for four!), updated my workout playlist, jaw dropping at how behind I got on American music in the last few years, and hit the gym a couple of hours later.

I naively decided to try out a set program on the treadmill called “Interval”, which gradually builds you up to three separate bursts of running. I got to the 15min mark and found myself desperately trying to keep up with the 9.0 kmph set speed! It wouldn’t let me lower it under 9.0, so I had no choice but to stop the program and start all over with the manual setting. Well, I tried. Went back to my usual 50min of walk/jogging, did three machines this time (3 sets of 12 reps each!), stretched. My abdomen was sore from Monday so I didn’t do crunches or plank pose. I also tried the Butterfly machine for the first time! The one where you sit on the chair and gather both arms in the middle while holding padded weights to work out your chest. I had to take off all the weights, and even that was too heavy! Still, felt good 🙂

OWW, I just sneezed and it felt like someone punched me in the stomach and sides. But I’ll still take this soreness over the guilt that follows after missing a workout, any day! Bring it on.


April: Slow & Steady

For the first week of April, I have been trying to walk home from work everyday like I used to do years ago. It’s only a 30 minute walk, but hey, gotta start somewhere. I think I only managed three days this week due to errands and a dermatologist appointment. I was “trying” to eat healthy, but that just means I ate less junk food and take out than I normally do.

Today’s brunch:


Grilled chicken breast salad (lettuce, tomato, avocado, almonds, basil vinagarette dressing)
Quick to whip up, quick to devour! Continue reading

Operation Wedding Dress

Ok, so obviously my No-Plan Plan was a complete bust. I just stuck to my old ways of lazing around, binge eating, making excuses for not hitting the gym every. single. effing. day.

I felt particularly fat and bloated today as I sat at my desk at work, hunched over, scrolling through whatshouldwecallme pages to kill time until my next class starts, when suddenly my hands grabbed a pen and piece of scrap paper and started writing. I found myself flipping through my desk calendar, trying to set up realistic goals to lose weight by this fall, one baby step at a time.


This seriously came out of nowhere. Writing down just 1kg at a time was less scarier than setting up huge milestones like ‘Lose 20 lbs by your wedding photoshoot!!!’ And I chose to go with kilograms because it just looks more friendly… if that makes sense to anyone out there.

The weather’s also getting warmer so I’m slowwwly getting motivated to get moving again. This winter’s hibernation was lo-ong. Gotta slap myself awake now! I haven’t yet figured out the detailed how of this daunting project… but for now I’ll start off with simply walking home from work everyday, leaving one or two bites unfinished from each meal, throwing in some Pilates a few days a week, and most importantly, CONSTANT VIGILANCE! (Haha hi Prof. Moody.) I mean consistency and not giving up in the middle just because I lose a miraculous 5 lbs and feel like congratulating myself with a giant cake.

This is my last chance. I have to wear a tight, white wedding gown in front of 200 people by the end of November. ANY suggestions or tips will be greatly appreciated!