10 Tips for DIY Christmas Mani (With Gems!)


Christmas is almost here, and I could not be more excited! Something about the holiday season just puts me in a constantly cheery mood. Things that would normally stress me out, e.g. my co-teacher’s incompetence, don’t seem that big of a deal anymore and I feel more at peace with everything. This unusual calm could also stem from the fact that winter vacation starts this Friday, but that counts as part of the holiday season, right? 🙂 Even if you are not a festive person, there is no doubt that getting a full manicure instantly puts you in a better mood. So why not add some festive cheer to blah nails this holiday season?

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How to: Snowy Winter Nails!


Happy holidays, everyone! Hope you are having a great holiday season wherever you are in the world. South Korea is quite literally freezing this winter (it was -15 Celsius yesterday), but I am still lovin’ this season! Reasons to love winter: Bundling up in cozy winter wear, sipping on hot tea while watching big, fat snowflakes falling outside, Christmas music blasting everywhere you go, festive house decor, and of course, playing around with cute winter nail designs. I have so many different ideas I want to try out, but in this post I’d like to share a random idea that I developed while rummaging through my nail polish collection.

Let’s get started on the Snowy Winter Nails tutorial!

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At-Home Summer Pedicure

SAMSUNG CSCHello, all. I thought I’d take advantage of this lovely lazy Sunday afternoon to show how I usually do a pedicure! I chose light, pastel colors because it’s so hot and humid these days and it’d be nice to have a splash of bright color on my toes.

All of the products I am using are Korean brands. From the left: The FaceShop’s Face It line base coat; a yellow-green nail polish with a wide brush (also from the Face It line); a pastel lavender nail polish from Etude House in the shape of an ice cream cone; and an ‘art gel coat’ from the Help My Finger line from Etude House.  Continue reading