The Oh-So-Popular No-Poo Method: Fail

imageMy girl friends and I have been talking about the no-poo method of washing your hair for quite a while. There are so many toxins and chemicals in our regular store-bought shampoos, which strip our natural oils from the scalp. The foaming action sure feels good when showering, but stripping all the oil from your hair is actually telling your scalp to make MORE oil to compensate for its loss. That’s why our hair gets greasy after even just one day of not washing hair. Well, one way to prevent that over-compensating cycle is to use natural ingredients to restore the pH balance in your scalp – basically training your scalp to eventually stop making your hair greasy so quickly.

You just need baking soda and filtered water for the shampoo, and some apple cider vinegar for the conditioner. There are so many video tutorials and opinions out there of the best way to mix everything, but I’ll just share about what I did.

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