Background: A Korean-American twenty-something who grew up in the States but currently lives in South Korea. Graduated in ’09 (go Tarheels!) right smack into the aftermath of an economic crash, packed my bags and flew over to the motherland for my first job out of college. Recently got engaged got married to an awesome Korean man who has turned my temporary visit into a new permanent home. That’s how I found myself caught between two worlds: family and best friends in America vs. new “grown-up” life and husband in Korea. So far, figuring out how to balance both cultures is like mixing beer with soju and expecting to wake up without a hangover.

Job: I am what they call a “Native English Teacher” (NET) here. I’ve been teaching beginner’s English at public elementary schools for the last five years.  I adored children before moving here. Now, ‘adored’ has become ‘developed survival tactics for’. Of course, my students do have their cute or funny moments, however rare they may be. I apologize in advance for the inevitable rants to come.

Why I Started This Blog: I should feel like a functioning adult. I have a husband, a home, a job, an exciting life abroad. But that also means that my mind is cluttered with the debris of trying to keep up with everything. Constant things on my mind: what to cook for my husband, lesson planning, cleaning the house, trying to eat healthier, working out, home decor, Skype dates with family, adjusting to married life, keeping up with beauty/fashion trends, staying in touch with old friends back home while maintaining new friendships here… To sum up, this blog is my amateur attempt at compartmentalizing my life while simultaneously giving you a glimpse of everyday life in Korea!

– Jenn 🙂


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