Christmas Eve in Bucheon: Aiins World & UFO

IMG_1876While living the foreign life of an expat has plenty of perks and adventures, one major downside is having to spend the holidays apart from your family and friends on opposite sides of the world. On top of that, my husband had to work the night shift on Christmas Eve! But before he had to leave for work at 10PM, he planned a lovely little Christmas Eve date-night that started as soon as I arrived home from work.

IMG_1820The drive over to Bucheon should have only taken about 50 minutes, but it was 5:30PM on Christmas Eve – imagine how crazy the traffic was! I decided to take advantage of the traffic jam by snapping some photos of the breathtaking Imjin River as we were inching along the bridge.

IMG_1825Finally, we crossed another bridge into Incheon city. One step closer to its neighbor, Bucheon! The sunset was particularly gorg that evening.


IMG_1832Bucheon turned out to be a lot bigger than we expected! The streets and intersections were so wide and spacious, and there were several major department stores spanning a few blocks. I actually inputted the wrong address into the GPS so we circled around for a bit before finding the restaurant we had reservations at. Quite hangry at this point.



IMG_1842When hubs said he reserved us a spot at UFO, I looked at him as if he’d just stepped out of one. Later, I saw that “UFO” stands for Urban Food Office. Pretty random name for an Italian cuisine restaurant! But the food was great and the interior decor was adorbs. 🙂 Very cozy and warm, with wine bottles, wooden barrels, books and Christmas lights everywhere. I ate so much that I needed a little breather before being able to get up haha.








Next up, we drove a few minutes over to Aiins World. It was an outdoor display of Christmas lights covering various small-scaled models of famous world landmarks. We walked through Paris and London to Egypt and China within a matter of minutes. 🙂 Cathedrals, palaces, towers, amphitheaters, castles, you name it! The only downside was that it was freezing cold, with biting winds turning my nose into Rudolph’s. We headed into a cafe that had the heater on full blast, and melted into the coziness.

Overall a lovely little Christmas Eve! 🙂


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