And the Best Husband Award Goes to…

besthubbyOkay. For the next few minutes I’m going to be that girl who brags about how great her hubby is. I don’t like it either, just bear with me if you can. I simply must take a moment to share how much I appreciate this man. I mean, look at what I came home to up there after a long, stressful day at work. A sink (and stove top) full of dirty dishes and pots with a post-it note on the rubber gloves that reads, “don’t touch. go rest ♥”. And from someone who usually never uses English, might I add. I may be biased because he’s my hubby and all, but I’d say that’s pretty post-worthy.


Just what the doctor ordered!

A bit of background: My husband has an unusual work schedule which sometimes ends up being the complete opposite of mine, so this past week we barely had any time to see each other for more than a hurried kiss goodbye as we took turns leaving for our separate jobs. We do not have a dishwasher (most Korean apartments don’t have one), so when both of us are in a rush the dishes can sometimes accumulate throughout the day.

After I saw the note, I pulled on my fuzzy pajamas (yes, at 6:00PM on a weekday) and warm furry owl slippers, twisted my hair up in an ugly pineapple top ‘do, brewed a cup of Teavanna’s Golden Monkey tea, opened up my sketchbook, turned on Christmas music radio online, and let the coziness envelop my body and mind, driving out every ounce of tension. Coziness level: Expert. It also happened to be ‘rest day’ according to my Nike+ Running app coach, so I didn’t feel any guilt for not working out.

You may be thinking, ‘Sheesh, all that from a little note?’ and that is totally understandable. I myself don’t quite know why my husband’s note made such an impact on me, but it did. I swear this job is turning me bipolar haha. My attitude totally turns 180 degrees between work and home. I’m so grateful to have married such an amazing, caring, patient man waiting to cheer me right up when I need it the most.

Now we shall return to the usual posts about juices and everyday life in Korea. Goodnight, from Korea 🙂


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