5-Day Juice Cleanse: Day 4 & 5 (Super Late Update!)

Oh, dear. Look at me blogging about the ending to my juice cleanse THREE MONTHS after it’s over. Let me first apologize for the super delayed post and also say that yes, I DID successfully complete the entire 5 days to great results! Two days after finishing the cleanse, I went to Guam for a week’s vacation with my husband, and then went straight back to work to start the second semester. All thoughts of blogging went out the window right then and there because this new semester has been so incredibly stressful due to a sudden change in position between my co-teacher and another teacher (which apparently happened in secret over summer vacation). Thus began a hellish semester full of frustration, arguments, rants, accusations, headaches… Okay I’m going to need a whole separate post dedicated to this woman.

ANYWAY. Back to the cleanse! Let’s finally tie off loose ends on this thing. Fortunately, I’ve kept up a daily food log on my Instagram to keep track of everything I ate during and after the cleanse, so I will re-post those pictures down below.

Day 4 Juices

I clearly remember feeling better and more positive on Day 4 than on the first three days of the cleanse. I was getting better at using my new juicer, and I loved the taste of every recipe I tried from Joe Cross’s ‘Reboot’ program. (You can find free recipes for his 5-day cleanse plan here.) My body got more used to drinking only juices by Day 4, but I still craved chewing on actual food. I missed the whole process of looking at a beautiful plate of food, smelling its heavenly aroma, taking the first bite, chewing it and letting every different burst of flavor roll over my tongue… Sorry, got a bit weird right there. That’s just how much I enjoy eating. On the evening of Day 4, I felt good that I had come that far when I thought I’d give up after the first day, but I also couldn’t wait for it to be all over!

Day 5 Juices: 
By Day 5, I could practically make these babies with my eyes closed. I had my favorite recipes down pat, and knew how to predict just how much ingredients and juice would last me throughout the day. I became more confident about experimenting with various ingredients. My taste buds became more sensitive to the effects each fruit or vegetable had on a mix. To be honest, I wish I could say that I learned to love having only juices by the last day, but nope! I still wanted real food back in my life. Badly. I even had dreams about what my first real meal would be. The majority of Day 5 was spent researching ‘how to eat after a cleanse’ and bookmarking good recipes and tips, excited about it all being over soon. But that also doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy my juices, either! They all tasted amazing on this day. (Maybe that was because I knew they were my last set of the cleanse? Haha.) You’ll notice that one of the juices up there is in popsicle form. I missed the act of chewing so badly that I froze one just to imagine I was eating something real. Told ya it was bad.

Allllllrighty, long overdue update finally complete! Expect one last post on this cleanse coming soon where I will report on how my body and mind changed after the five days. For now, goodnight from Korea 🙂


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