5-Day Juice Cleanse: Day 3

I noticed that I’m much more energetic and positive in the mornings than evenings, which is the complete opposite of how I am while eating normally.

Day 3, Juice #1: “Carrot-Apple-Ginger” – made two servings last night with added lemon and pineapple.

20140813_0751008:00 PM – Driving to work

Taste: I was dreading drinking this carrot juice today because last night I could barely keep it down. But it was actually very good this morning! It really helps to drink these juices ice cold – it makes a world of difference. Just like beer straight out of the fridge vs. lukewarm beer that’s been sitting out. Ah, beer.. beer with fried chicken… with BBQ sauce…

Mood: Not bad. But still missing real food. 

Day 3, Juice #2: “Joe’s Mean Green”- made two servings last night with kale, cucumber, celery, apples, lemon, ginger

140790177551112:30 PM – At work

Taste: Very fresh and cold because I stored it in the faculty fridge this morning. It boggles my mind how all those green ingredients I usually hate all combine into a tasty drink! I can’t even taste the cucumber or celery.

Mood: I was STARVING by 11:00 AM, but I had to wait until the camp kids went home. Running very, very low on patience all morning. That bottle was filled to the brim but I started chugging before thinking of taking a photo first haha. Feeling somewhat better after drinking this. It was satisfying physically, but not mentally (still daydreaming about putting together an imaginary Subway sub).


Day 3, Juice #3:  My own experiment: grapefruit, green apple, peaches, pineapples, ginger. 


20140813_1531113:30 PM – At work

Taste: I didn’t expect the grapefruit to overpower the whole juice because I thought I put in enough sweet fruits… but it was still way too bitter so I added a red apple at the end, which helped. A lot.

Mood: Not starving, not irritable. Enjoying the sweetness of this juice. Still craving real food. Any food. Trying my best to avoid any and all photos of food on the internet, which is like trying not to get wet at a water park!


Day 3, Juice #4:  My own experiment: kale, celery, cucumber, green apple, red apple, lemon, and AVOCADO!


20140813_1825036:30 PM – At home

Taste: I was very nervous before tasting this one because I just grabbed whatever was green in the fridge, and I’ve also never juiced avocado before. Fortunately, this combo tasted awesome! Smooth, refreshing and creamy (thanks to the avocado). Make sure to drink it chilled, at least 30 minutes in the fridge.

Mood: Way better than last night. No dizziness, no tingling of the fingers, and I don’t feel like I’m going to starve to death. My mental clarity is back to normal, which led to juicing four experimental recipes after work.


Day 3, Juice #5:  Same as today’s Juice #3


Mood: Normal, satisfied, not hungry at all. Is it… cheating if I munched on a few scraps of the ingredients while juicing? A slice of raw avocado here, slice of apple there, and then a few grapes… haha. I’ve made it past the dreaded first three hardest days! Day 3 is officially drawing to a close, which means it’s supposed to get even better starting tomorrow. For now, goodnight from Korea!




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