5-Day Juice Cleanse: Day 2

Got up early this morning to make three different  juices to drink at work (breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack). It actually took me nearly an hour to finish all three and clean up! It would’ve taken longer if I hadn’t narrowed down the exact recipes to make for today last night, thank goodness for that. Maybe I should make some ahead of time before bed tonight. FYI, all of the recipes I use for this week are from Joe Cross’s Reboot program online. I looked up so many others on Pinterest, but I like how the Reboot program tells you exactly how and when to drink what, color coded and everything.

Day 2, Juice #1:  “Peach Pie Delight” – ripe peaches, apples, sweet potato, blueberries, dash of cinnamon 


8:00 AM – Driving to work

20140812_081219aTaste:  Very cinnamon-y because I put in too much cinnamon. But still pretty good! Similar to drinking a pumpkin spice drink in fall.

Mood: Less snippy and annoyed with everything. Feeling good. Not much energy but not exhausted, either. I still do miss chewing and eating my normal foods (PIZZAAA) but the cravings aren’t as crazy as the first day. Had to run around outside with the camp kids all morning, getting drenched from head to toe by water balloons and water guns. Very tired after the kids left for the day, was VERY tempted to eat a Chocopie over in the camp supplies… but I didn’t.


Day 2, Juice #2:  “Green Lemonade” –  apples, spinach, kale, cucumber,celery, lemons


20140812_124506aTaste: You can already tell the difference between this green juice with the green smoothie I made for yesterday’s lunch. It’s a much deeper, darker green, for one. I was very nervous about drinking this because it contains cucumber (which I hate in drinks) but I couldn’t even taste it! Another tip to mask bitterness in green juices: add red apples, not green. The red ones add more sweetness!

Mood: Meh, pretty good. Feeling at peace. Not stressing, not anything. Maybe I’m just too tired from playing with the students outside. Not having fun drinking juice instead of eating real food, but so far I think this is doable for five days.


3:30 PM – Work

Day 2, Juice #3:  “Australian Gold” – pineapples, yellow bell pepper, lemon, ginger 

20140812_151913Taste: My favorite juice so far! Tangy, zesty, citrus-y. Even better than yesterday’s because I used more pineapples and less lemon and ginger.

Mood: Right before drinking, I was very hungry and starting to get pissed for no rational reason. After drinking, I felt slightly better haha. Maybe I needed the sugar. Just made the mistake of going on Pinterest. So many food pictures and recipes out there. Drool…


6:30 PM – Home 

Day 2, Juice #4:  “Joe’s Mean Green” – kale, cucumbers, celery, apples, lemon, ginger (I added in kiwi and took out some cucumbers). The photo below shows ingredients for 2 servings.


SAMSUNG CSCTaste: Not bad, but I find more and more that I am definitely not a fan of green juices. Took a much longer time to finish this bottle than my yellow juice.

Mood: Tired, hungry, dizzy… craving pizza… or just any real food. While I was juicing tomorrow’s drinks, I couldn’t help but munch on some pieces of raw pineapple. No energy, having trouble concentrating, and the tips of my fingers got a little tingly. I think I’ll go to bed early today. But still have one more juice left to drink.


8:30 PM 

Day 2, Juice #5:  “Carrot-Apple-Ginger” – also added a little bit of lemon and pineapple to mask the carrot taste. The photo below shows ingredients for 2 servings.



Taste: Not gonna lie, I hate carrots. The other ingredients did a good job of hiding the carrot-y taste, but I could still smell it in there. After taking tiny little sips for 30 minutes while watching TV, I gave up after drinking about 2/3 of it.

Mood: Wondering why the hell I ever thought this detox was ever a good idea, and if buying the expensive juicer and all of these groceries were a waste of money… but that’s just the pessimist me stirring within. I keep pep talking myself today: “The juicer is awesome, and you can use it again and again for years, maybe decades to come. You can make juice, smoothies, nut milks, soup, porridge, sauces, jelly, jam, ice cream, popsicles, even freshly pressed TOFU with it. This cleanse is not even for a full week. You just miss chewing on that processed crap. You are going through pizza withdrawal. Other juicers say that the first three days are the hardest. Get through this for one more day and see how you feel then.”

And on that depressing note, I’m off to bed early so my grouchiness doesn’t grow any further. Sorry to end the post like this! I hope tomorrow will be better. Goodnight, from Korea 🙂


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