5-Day Juice Cleanse: Preparations


As I mentioned in my last post, I decided to do a juice cleanse because I’ve fallen back into my old habits of eating processed foods everyday, ordering in and not doing any workouts whatsoever. Let me throw out there that this juice cleanse is something I usually do not do. I hate the word “diet”, and privately shake my head in annoyance whenever my coworkers jabber on about the latest trendy diet in Korea. I have never participated in a diet plan such as Atkins, the Denmark Diet, cabbage diet, etc etc etc. But after watching a documentary on all the amazing health benefits of juicing, I was intrigued. Unlike other silly diet trends, this method seemed logical to me because you can start or stop at any time without going into a huge relapse, and it had one clear objective: to flush out all the toxins and chemicals that have built up inside our body over all the years of bad eating, NOT to “drop 20 pounds and look hot in a bikini by next week”. To use my earlier example, it’s like jumpstarting a dead car battery with cables.

After some research, I went grocery shopping like I’ve never done before, stocking up on veggies and fruit as if a vegan apocalypse is upon us. Does that make any sense? No. It’s hard to concentrate on blogging when all I can think of right now is a large pepperoni Pan pizza. 

Grocery shopping was a lot easier after I printed out tons of healthy juicing recipes and narrowed down a list of the most commonly used ingredients. Apples, ginger, kale and spinach go into almost every one of them, so I got some extra packs of those. By the way, the grocery receipt came out to be way more than $100 – vegetables and fruit are so darn expensive here in Korea! And this will probably last me only 3~4 days because I plan on drinking five juices everyday.

Next up, buying a juicer! (I have a blender but smoothies tend to make me gag a little.) Thanks to Youtube videos of health nuts comparing different brands of juicers, I narrowed down my choice to the Hurom juicer. Since Hurom is a Korean brand, it is sold in almost every electronics store here (and I believe a bit cheaper than abroad). So hubs and I drove over to the Lotte Mall at La Festa in Ilsan to buy the juicer. Apparently the model I had my heart set on was outdated by two years, and they only had the latest model which was nearly $200 more expensive! Fortunately, with some discounts and gift certificates I’d saved up, we bought the newest model for a pretty decent price. Another thing I didn’t see coming was having to wait until the next day for the juicer to be delivered because the mall only carries the showcase model and no other ready-to-go machines! That is why my first few juices on Day 1 will be made from a blender rather than in our purty new juicer.

The package is supposed to arrive around 5:00 PM today. Can’t wait to go home and try it out for the first time!


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