5-Day Juice Cleanse: Day 1 (Part II)


5:00 PM  THE JUICER HAS ARRIVED. I am saved.

SAMSUNG CSCTook less than a minute to assemble all these parts because the mall employee let me practice on the showcase model yesterday. Then took it apart to wash all the parts in soapy water before using the machine (you never know).


Trying out Joe Cross’s “Australian Gold” recipe (part of his awesome Reboot program online)!

SAMSUNG CSCPineapples, 1 yellow bell pepper, 1 inch fresh ginger root, 1 whole lemon (rinds and all).


Works great, and it was fairly easy to clean!


6:00 PM  Drink #3

Taste: UH-mazing. So fresh and rich, without any foam or pulp. Way better than store-bought citrus juice, with that kick of ginger and tang from the lemon. Next time I’ll add more pineapple (bit too much kick and tang for a newbie).

Mood: Feeling much better after drinking this lovely concoction. Pumped up again to keep on going. Just no more smoothies.

SAMSUNG CSC9:00 PM  Drink #4 “Purple Passion” from Joe Cross’s Reboot recipes

– 30 grapes (I used Korean ones)

– 2 cups blueberries

– handful of mint (I used apple mint)

SAMSUNG CSCTaste:  Rich, thick, sweet, very grape-y in a good way. It just tastes so… clean. No preservatives, artificial flavorings, sugar, etc. Just exactly what you see up there, in liquid form.

Mood:  Got a bit dizzy again when I stopped by Emart with hubs to get some more fruit, and slightly nauseous. But nothing too bad, I’m sure my body is just adjusting to the shock. Got a little snippy at hubs, but I tried my best to hold my tongue because he wasn’t really doing anything wrong (I already warned him that the first three days are hardest so I might snap at him.)

10:30 PM  Not as hungry as I was in the morning. I feel full and comfortable now. No hunger pangs or dizziness. Time to plan out tomorrow’s juices and go to bed. Day one started rough but ended fairly well! Goodnight from Korea 🙂



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