Classroom Bulletin Boards, Part II

c2I mentioned in Part I that I took down the old classroom rules board because of the grammatical mistakes made by the former teacher, but I also just wanted to add a popular character that the students might like. I chose ‘The Lorax’ for the theme because there are so many great lessons to be learned from that story, and Dr. Seuss’s world is just so darn weird and unique!

1393813778412The trees were simple enough – cut up long, bendy strips of white paper and glue on black strips of construction paper.

1393814066007After the glue dries a bit, snip off the ends of the black stripes to make the edges of the tree smooth. Then, take big pieces of colorful felt fabric and cut them into those strange cloud-like treetops (no picture of that part, my bad).

c5Making the Lorax himself was my favorite part. Google images was very helpful in this step. I admit it did take me several tries to get his ‘stache and arms the right shape!

c3This was the bulletin board before I took over… that sign is now pinned at the back of the classroom. It’s not bad, per se, but I didn’t think a poster about fruit was a front-of-the-classroom kind of priority.

c4I narrowed down the list of classroom rules to short and simple ones and repeatedly reviewed them with the students at the beginning of the first semester so that they understand what I expect from them when they come into the English room. With the “Speak English” one, what I actually wanted to write was, “Try your best to speak English, we are here to help you. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes!” but I kept things very short and explained the long version out loud (with the help of my Korean co-teacher).

I hope you got some inspiration to incorporate a fun character into your classroom decor. It’s really not as hard as you may think! Sketch out what you want to include, then take things step by step, little by little. (I typed and then deleted the following sentence just now: “Most importantly, have fun!” because it was so cheesy that I actually cringed at myself haha sorry, but that just ain’t me.)



2 thoughts on “Classroom Bulletin Boards, Part II

    • Hello there! I don’t have a pattern for the characters because I just sketched everything out by hand. Sorry I’m not much help 😦 What you could do is tape tracing paper over your computer screen and trace a big picture of the character from there!

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