Classroom Bulletin Boards, Part I

c1I made this bulletin board at the beginning of the school year which starts in March here. I signed on with this new school in September 2013, which means I came right in the middle of the school year. I liked the English classroom in the beginning because at my former school we didn’t even have a separate English room – I had to lug all my books and teaching materials from classroom to classroom according to my schedule. Anyway, after working here for six months, I decided to finally take down the old bulletin boards and re-do them completely.

I started off by making a very rough sketch of the layout (bet you can’t even see what’s going on in that doodle) and cutting out thick cardboard-like paper for the clouds.

Then I cut the letters out of a type of felt fabric material that I dug out of the old cabinets. 1393889365140I chose to put up the extremely simple question “How are you?” at the top of the board to review the correct acceptable answers to it every morning with the students. The third graders will be learning this for the first time, while grades 4-6 (who should know better) still sometimes say awkward answers such as “Very oooooh” (meaning bad), “I’m hungry”, “Me head sick” (I have a headache) and the classic, “I’mfinethankyouandyou?”

1394089815180Next, I chose to put up a changeable calendar to review the month, date, and day of the week with the students everyday. I made the numbers, months and days of the week on Microsoft Word. Then came the tedious tasks: cut them out, glue them on construction paper, cut out again, line them up in the laminating sheets, churn them through the laminator, and finally cut out the finished products.

1394174482367These are the stick-on velcro strips I cut up, and down below is how I used them to stick on all the laminated material onto the calendar board.



Now that the main parts are done, I got started on the owl and tree branch, which are also made from a felt-type fabric.

The leaves on the tree were cut out from construction paper, and the smiley faces were printed from the computer. I put up the most basic (and again, acceptable) answers so the students can look at the board and choose whichever fits their mood that day.

c6This bulletin board was actually a classroom rules board made by a Korean teacher years ago, way before I arrived. It was pretty, but those grammatical mistakes bothered me and I wanted a more interactive board. The students at this school are so low-level that most can’t even read sentences like these anyway.

c7To be completely honest, there was supposed to be another interactive section to the right of the calendar, but this one board took way longer than I predicted so I told myself I’ll get around to making the second one later… later… and now one semester has passed, and still no second section. Lazy Teacher Award goes to moi.





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