Owl Teapot!

SAMSUNG CSCBehold, the Owl Teapot. Let me just start by saying, I am obsessed with owls. I have owl earrings, necklace, wall clock, oven mitts… you get the idea. And now, I have an owl teapot to add to the madness. My husband got this for me a month ago as one of three surprise anniversary gifts, and I’ve used this baby errrrrday to brew my favorite tea. He told me later that he saw this teapot on a random Korean show interviewing a woman in her 50’s who loves all things owl – a.k.a. me in 30 years – and has all sorts of unique home decor and handmade crafts of owls. (How many times can I type ‘owl’ in one post?) He then tracked it down on a Korean website that sells cutesy products like this.

Here is a shot of this lovely thing in action:SAMSUNG CSC

Add just a teaspoon of your favorite tea leaves into the little strainer inside, pour in boiling water and close the lid. I like to let my tea steep for about five minutes before pouring it into the teacup. Make sure you’re holding only the handle because the rest of the owl gets very hot! Cleanup is easy – take out the strainer, flip it upside down to throw out the old tea leaves, and rinse it out thoroughly along with the inside of the teapot. The tea that I usually drink is supposedly reusable for up to seven times (yes, seven) according to the Teavanna employee, so I actually don’t clean out the strainer until bedtime in case I want a quick refill throughout the day.


Speaking of bedtime, it is now 9:00PM here in Korea, and this old grandma’s off to wash up for bed. Today was one particularly long, busy Monday. Goodnight!


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