The “ETC” Sandwich

SAMSUNG CSCI was trying to think of what to call this sandwich, and “ETC” came to mind – egg, tomato and cheese. Pretty straightforward, no? This is something I threw together one morning when I realized I didn’t have any avocado left. As with my other favorite breakfast sandwich, cook the egg just enough that the warm yolk explodes when you bite down and moistens the inside of the bread. If you’re in Korea, please do yourself a favor and go to your nearest Paris Baguette (which is probably right down the street) to get the ‘Pumpkin Sesame Seed’ sliced bread. It’s amazing with basically any kind of sandwich you are making. You’re welcome.


2 thoughts on “The “ETC” Sandwich

  1. I just saw this post, and I have to agree about the Paris Baguette pumpkin bread- delicious! Have you tried their corn bread? Not quite as good, but still pretty tasty! Best bread I’ve had in Korea.

    • I have not tried their corn bread yet, but I now shall haha. After trying out PB sliced bread, I can’t go back to the grocery store kind… it just doesn’t taste as “real”.

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