At-Home Summer Pedicure

SAMSUNG CSCHello, all. I thought I’d take advantage of this lovely lazy Sunday afternoon to show how I usually do a pedicure! I chose light, pastel colors because it’s so hot and humid these days and it’d be nice to have a splash of bright color on my toes.

All of the products I am using are Korean brands. From the left: The FaceShop’s Face It line base coat; a yellow-green nail polish with a wide brush (also from the Face It line); a pastel lavender nail polish from Etude House in the shape of an ice cream cone; and an ‘art gel coat’ from the Help My Finger line from Etude House. 

So, let’s get started! I first washed my feet and trimmed the nails, but there’s no need to show that gross step here, is there. I then applied one coat of the base coat and let it dry as I did the dishes.

SAMSUNG CSCNext, here is a close-up of what the ‘wide nail’ line looks like.



SAMSUNG CSCAfter applying one coat, I went on to the other foot with the lavender.



Here’s what the colors look like with two coats on. I let them air-dry for a long time in between coats because if you don’t let the first layer dry completely before applying the second, you’ll get those annoying little bubbles or clumps as you apply. This was a good time to do the laundry and then do a face mask while watching YouTube vlogs.

SAMSUNG CSCNow that they’re all dry, it’s time for the top gel coat. My nails tend to chip easily at the ends, so I like to seal off the color with a strong top coat like this:

SAMSUNG CSCAnd voilà!  Simple, easy summer toenails. Now time to put on some strappy sandals and go show off these babies… at… the grocery store. I know, I lead such an exciting life.





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