Dog Days of Summer

7/18 was Chobok (초복), the first of the “three hottest days of the year” in Korea. They are spaced ten days apart, so the second one (Jungbok / 중복) will be on 7/28 and the last one (Malbok / 말복) is on 8/7.

imageOn these “especially hot” summer days, Koreans flock to restaurants that serve foods like Samgaetang or Baeksuk – basically boiled chicken served with rice porridge. They supposedly give you a burst of energy(?) in this crazy heat. Personally, it just makes me sweat even more haha but it tastes great so no complaints here!

wpid-img_20140719_23.jpgAfter the baeksuk dinner, we wandered around looking for a patbingsoo place and stumbled upon an old-fashioned, quaint little cafe that’s been around since our parents were our age! Complete with record player and vintage posters. As we were leaving, the owner gave us a postcard with a photo of the cafe from way back when. So sweet! 



A cozy fireplace and three old pianos spread throughout the cafe. It was a very quiet, relaxed atmosphere in there – maybe because there weren’t any loud and annoying teenagers?
imageHad us some patbingsoo (red bean paste over ice shavings and milk) and orange pound cake. The sweet old owner gave us a couple of plums from her own garden in the back yard.

imageI love this! It’s a wooden board with slots that have the names of each table in the cafe. They put the customers’ bills in their own little slot. All of the tables were named after something nostalgic from our parents’ young adulthood. On our way out, we saw that we were sitting at a table called “84년” (1984),  the year hubs was born in.

It’s days like this where I love living in Korea – you just never know what kind of unique places you’ll run into.


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