Latest Obsession: Teavana


My friend recently brought me back some Teavana products from the States for dogsitting her pup while she was gone. I was skeptical at first because I usually stick to classic Twinings Earl Grey with some milk, but after the first cup of this ‘Golden Monkey’ business, I was hooked!


Their rock sugar is supposedly healthier for you than regular white sugar, and I like it because it doesn’t over-sweeten the tea. Just throw a couple of little ‘rocks’ into your hot tea, breathe in the heavenly aroma, and relax. For those who like their tea very sweet, you might want to add 4~5 rocks. (I’m fine with just two.)


And of course, Godiva chocolate is always a good idea. Got this for White Day (the Korean ‘holiday’ a month after Valentine’s Day where it’s the guys’ turn to give girls chocolate) from my husband. I’d love to share what these little beauties look like, but the inside of this box is pretty much empty already. Heh.


2 thoughts on “Latest Obsession: Teavana

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