Curry, Korean Style


This is a very simple and quick dinner that I whip up when I want to cook a hearty meal for my husband on a lazy day. It seems like a lot of steps, but it’s really not.

First, you just chop up all these ingredients into big chunks: Carrots, potatoes, onion and beef. You could substitute the beef for chicken breast if you’d like. Or, you could not use meat at all – this curry still tastes good with just veggies! Oh, and the mushrooms and zucchini are optional – I threw them in last minute as an attempt to eat healthier (and they were on the verge of getting stale anyway).



imageStir fry all the veggies together in some oil until the potatoes are only halfway cooked. You’ll boil everything later, so you don’t want the ingredients to overcook. Throw in the carrots and potatoes in before anything else and let them cook a little longer (they take longer to get soft).  You can sprinkle some salt and pepper in there if you want, but it’s not necessary because the curry powder added later will be such a strong seasoning. Then, when all ingredients are half cooked, add in a 2~3 cups of water, just enough so that the level of the water comes to about 1cm above the ingredients in the pot. I just eyeball everything as I go.image

Let boil for about 10min, or until the potatoes get soft. Then, add in curry powder! You can get these for a few bucks at any Asian market. There are different levels of spiciness to choose from as well! I like to put in a little bit at a time, stirring it into the water evenly as I go. I keep doing this until the consistency is less runny, and it starts to look like a thick stew (this curry doesn’t taste as good if runny or too ‘soupy’).

imageLet simmer on low heat with the lid on for another 5~10min, stirring occasionally.

imageAnd that’s pretty much it! Scoop some steamed white rice onto a bowl, and pour the curry over it.

imageWith curry and rice, you don’t need any side dishes other than kimchi. That’s why this is my go-to meal when I’m feeling lazy. Not too hard, right? Next time you visit an Asian mart, look for some Korean curry powder and give this a go. 🙂


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