My New Classroom

Has it only been two weeks since I started working again? I am so exhausted! The last time I had to get up at 6AM every Mon~Fri was for high school. I am so not a morning person. The upside is, my coworkers are generally all very friendly and welcoming. AND this school has their own English classroom stocked full of all sorts of teaching resources and materials.


At my old school, there was no space for an English classroom (most public schools in Korea have one) so I had a desk in the crowded Teacher’s Lounge and I had to lug around my textbooks and materials to each classroom all day.


So it’s nice to have my very own work space in a spacious, air-conditioned classroom!

The students are… entertaining, to say the least. They’re definitely a lot less “innocent” than the ones at my former school, but the stuff they sometimes say crack me up. It’s one of those awkward teacher situations where you shouldn’t laugh at a comment but you let loose an involuntary snort. The students’ English level is not that advanced, but I like that they get enthusiastic about learning English (especially during the games). It’s still early to say how this semester’s going to go, but I hope to develop a good relationship with the kids soon. It’s such a huge change from working at a small school of around 100 students TOTAL to teaching hundreds of students from EACH grade.

My biggest goal this year is to stay positive and reduce stress in order to not burn out. I’ve learned that being a perfectionist and trying to make sure each and every student gets on the same level of English is an exhausting and impractical task. Sometimes you just have to let go and learn to go with the flow instead of fighting the tide, especially when it comes to teaching young students!


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