Transitioning Back to Teacher Mode


My three months of freedom has officially come to its inevitable end. This lovely cake was a surprise my fiance brought home on Sunday night to wish me good luck and congratulate me on starting the new job. It was perfect because I’ve been craving chocolate cake like crazy since cutting out processed foods from my diet! He knew not to get me an entire cake – I would’ve demolished that whole thing in one sitting.

Anyway, I started my new teaching job this week at a bigger elementary school located near our new apartment. It felt so weird setting the alarm for 6:00AM (and two more backups). I lay in bed for hours just tossing and turning, double-checking my list of things to prepare for the first day… and ended up getting less than three hours of sleep. The bags under my eyes definitely put a damper on the gracious entrance I’d planned on.

My first day went by in a blur, filled with teachers and students smiling and staring at me wherever I went, me stammering out an impromtu self-introduction in front a camera broadcasting out to the entire school building, somehow making it through four 3rd grade classes back to back, attending a faculty dinner to welcome my arrival, making yet another embarassing impromptu speech (this time in front of 40 adults, live)…

By the time I got home I was so tired that I actually went to bed around 10PM and fell asleep straight away, which never happens. Will post pics of the new workspace soon… once my fingers have the energy to last this long again.


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