Learning to Like Eating Clean

Notice I said “Like” and not “Love”. My relationship with eating healthy has not reached that point yet. You can see how much I did not enjoy salads by my past posts. Back then, I thought all healthy food was good for you even if it tasted like crap. Well, now I know that healthy food should also taste great so that I don’t get turned off by the mere thought of eating clean, and it will lessen the chance of binge eating on junk food later!
In today’s salad:
Iceberg lettuce, torn by hand
Mixed spring greens, 1/3 of a pre-packaged salad from E-Mart
1/4 avocado, sliced
1/3 small red apple, sliced thin
1/3 yellow bell pepper
Almonds, a small handful
Teeny bit of sliced raw onion (won’t include next time – it left a very strong oniony aftertaste)
Fat-free Basil Vinaigrette dressing

I also pan-fried 1/2 a block of tofu (roughly 200g) in a tiny bit of olive oil until they became firmer and golden.

Oh! And yesteray I finally found some ALMOND MILK at a ginormous E-Mart in our new neighborhood! It’s near impossible to find healthy options like this and deli-sliced turkey or wheat tortillas in most Korean grocery stores. Soy milk is everywhere, but almond milk is hard to find. The red bottle in the photo is “Vegimil”, a type of Vitamin-A enrinched soy milk, and the little cartons are 17-grain black bean soy milk in to-go juice boxes.


Anyway, a hearty salad can be made with any leftover veggies in your crisper that you want to get rid of before they go bad. Just toss them all together and try to keep the textures and flavors interesting and varied. For example, avocado tastes creamy and soft, apple slices add a sweet fruity crunch, bell pepper adds a refreshing kick, almonds add some nutty-ness, and the basil vinaigrette gives the whole thing a tangy zest.

Enjoy experimenting with eating clean. The more you like it, the less you’ll want to revert back to unhealthy junk! 🙂


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