A Well-Deserved Break From… Everything!

So… I realize that haven’t posted anything in OVER THREE MONTHS.

I was on a summer hiatus! No, not backpacking across the globe, sadly. My yearly contract with my former school ended in May, and it luckily coincided perfectly with my fiance and I moving in together at a new apartment in a whole ‘nother city. I decided to take some time off from work before looking for a new school to transfer to for two reasons:

1) I wanted plenty of stress-free time to plan for our upcoming wedding, decorate our new home, settle down in this unfamiliar neighborhood farther away from Seoul, and to slowly explore new options for my next job.

2) Can I be completely honest? I was just simply SO SICK OF WORKING. I’ve been earning my own money (for pocket money as a teen, and to pay my own bills when I got older) ever since I started babysitting the neighbors’ kids in middle school. I’ve been a babysitter, cashier, ice-cream cake maker, Beauty Supply worker, private tutor, volunteer ESL teacher’s assistant, a Work-Study assistant librarian at my university (for all four years) and most recently an English teacher in Korea (another four years). I was starting to become a burnt-out teacher, and that scared me because I’ve always wanted to be that fun, easygoing and caring teacher that you remember even in your adulthood. And re-contracting for another year at the same teeny rural school was NOT going to help matters!

I felt that it was about darn time that I got some time off for MYSELF. Some time to just BE. Time to close my eyes in peace, no commitments, no crammed schedules. Go for a walk out in the beautiful sunshine and soft breeze whenever I want, go shopping during the morning to avoid the evening crowds in Seoul, brew some Earl Grey and read a lovely, fat novel for hours on end. Yes, there were those lazy days of just Pinteresting and Facebooking all day, but I don’t think my entire break was a waste at all. It was a great time to experiment cooking tricky Korean recipes for my fiance, decorate the apartment one room at a time, CLEAN, catch up with friends and family overseas on Skype and super long emails, plan details of the wedding (still on-going!), update and send out resumes to job prospects, and most importantly, get my horribly out-of-shape body (and mind) back on the healthy track! Joined a gym, learned to actually ENJOY running outside, found a great support base online, and slowly started shedding a few pounds. Also shed lots of emotional baggage with the help of my awesome fiance’s never-ending patience and unconditional love.

Ironically, I had less time to blog while being unemployed because of all these things I had to catch up on. I will start working at a new, bigger public elementary school on the first week of September, and for some reason the idea of going back to work has made me want to get back to blogging again. Not that I was such a crazy blogger before this three-month absence, but now I’m more motivated to keep my life in order by posting about things that go through my head. Blogging is a safe and free way to basically get my mind ramblings straightened out!

I doubt any of you out there has actually read this entire post to this period right here. Point of this long babble is, I’M BACK and very excited to start yet another new chapter of my life!


One thought on “A Well-Deserved Break From… Everything!

  1. I’m glad you got a little break–the work situation here can be killer, especially for those of us who grew up with the long holidays associated with the American teaching calendar. Hope your new job is awesome!

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