Lazy Weekend

This past weekend was spent 80% in bed, watching videos all day on my laptop. And eating all of the leftover junk food lying around my apartment. The only ‘exercise’ I got was walking to and from the bathroom, and cooking in the kitchen. Sometimes I wish I were one of those people who are too lazy to cook when they’re hungry. My problem is, if I’m hungry (or bored), I will somehow get food in my mouth one way or another. I guess this is still better than ordering takeout again.


Stir-fry veggies (bell pepper, broccoli, onion) in minced garlic and olive oil for a few minutes, add chicken breast and salt & pepper, cook for a few minutes, throw in some sticky white rice and a tbsp of soy sauce, stir and cook for a few more minutes. And once everything is done, I like to throw in one raw egg into a hole I scoop out in the middle of the pan and just mix like crazy over heat until the egg is fully cooked.


Just your classic tuna sandwich, with chopped onions and some mayo. Same asparagus side as I mentioned before. And some good ol’ potato chips as another side.


Grilled chicken breast (aren’t you sick of seeing this similar dish all over my blog? I sure am) with grilled zucchini + bell pepper + onions.


Another part of the weekend was spent catching up on some reading with my beloved chocolate stash.

I guess the weekend wasn’t a total fail, considering my body got to catch up on a TON of last week’s deprived sleep. And after this super lazy weekend, this guilt trip is motivating me to get back on track with my workout again, asap!


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