Grilled Chicken Breast & Asparagus

Tonight’s dinner!


Grilled chicken breast with asparagus and cherry tomatoes. And skim milk. 

(This asparagus recipe is one of the rare times I succeeded in actually using Pinterest in real life! Yumm.)

Got home late, STARVING again. Walked in, dropped my bag on the floor, tied my hair up, put on a huge shirt and my bf’s sweatpants, just started grabbing all the ingredients out of the fridge, threw the chicken into the microwave to defrost, got the pot and pan all ready to go… all under 2 minutes. Hunger sure kicks one’s efficiency into high gear.

This meal took 10~15 min to cook, and 5 min to eat haha. And it was pretty damn good. Maybe that’s because I was so hungry. As they say in Korea, “Hunger is the best side dish.” 😛


One thought on “Grilled Chicken Breast & Asparagus

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