A Hungry Monday

Man. I was so hungry all day today! I felt like Cookie Monster, but more like All Things Edible Monster. I only had a bowl of Post ‘Light Up’ cereal with banana slices and skim milk for breakfast, which might be enough for some people but it ended up being an appetizer that left my stomach growling for more food at 10AM! Note to self: eat a hearty breakfast and reduce dinner portions instead.

A late second dinner:


1 huge bell pepper & 1 head(?) of broccoli grilled in olive oil and minced garlic

1/3 can of tuna with some hot sauce to get rid of that fishy smell

1 boiled egg (it was the last one left and the expiration date was tomorrow)

This was my second dinner because I had to run some errands straight after work and I was so hungry around 5PM that I grabbed a flimsy little ham sandwich from a StoryWay convenience store. I have now eaten all of the above, but as I’m typing this post I’m munchin’ away on that ‘Light Up’ cereal, dry. My sad rationale is… I ate somewhat healthily all day… and this cereal is better than potato chips, right? -_-

Now comes the real hurdle. To hit the gym or not. Let’s observe the excuses swimming around in my head, shall we? I slept late last night so I was nodding off at my desk in between classes, I was irritable all day, I had a busy work day, I just ate and my pillow looks so inviting, I had a nice work out yesterday and my (nonexistent) abs are a bit sore so today should be a…  rest…. day… right?

I know, I know, I’ll go. It’s 9PM, not too late for a quick workout. And I know I won’t regret working out afterwards but will regret NOT doing it. Alrighty, I’m off. Where’s my sports bra…

*———————– UPDATE ————————*

Woohoo! Actually went to the gym after that little conversation in my head! A brisk walk on the treadmill, lots of stretching, and two machines (same as yesterday). And as I predicted, I SO do not regret this decision 🙂 I’ll start slowly increasing the intensity later this week or next.


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