Two lovely birthdays


Yesterday, I turned 26. I have now officially tipped over into the “late twenties” zone. In Korea, they say you’re already a full year old from the moment you are born and you gain a year every New Year’s Day. So I supposedly turned 27 on January 1st. I hate that rule. My Korean friend is two years older than me but her birthday is in October so she’s actually 27 right now, but in Korea she’s considered 29 years old, already worrying about turning 30. WTH!

Anyhoo. This birthday weekend was spent very low-key at home with my fiance. On Saturday, we visited the animal shelter that I volunteer at and I got to introduce him to the dog I want to adopt someday. Sunday was a day of laziness, just watching TV all day in our PJ’s and eating takeout food. We were just too tired from volunteering at the shelter all day (it really takes it outta ya) to go out.

One nice surprise was the big basket full of tulips (my favorite!) delivered to my door on a Sunday morning 🙂 And the delicious blueberry cream cake he brought over. Aaaand the surprise gift he gave me:Image

I totally did not expect this. We promised each other we wouldn’t spend too much for each other’s birthdays! I think I stared at that brown shopping bag for one full minute before cautiously peeping inside. It was the exact design I’ve been wanting!

Compared to all this, I felt bad about what I did for his birthday a couple of weeks ago. I mean it was nice, but I didn’t spend too much money on it… He had to work the late shift so he came over after midnight, and I had transformed my one-room apartment into a private little restaurant for the two of us. I whipped up some garlic n cheese mashed potatoes, grilled veggies, and cooked some filet minon for the first time. Added some candles, red wine, cake and romantic music… and Voila!



Overall, both of our birthdays were low-key but still romantic 🙂


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