Attempt #ilostcount to eat healthier

Went to E-Mart (Korea’s equivalent of a SuperWalmart) last week to buy groceries – this time with my mind set on finding only HEALTHY ingredients. I figured if my fridge is stuffed full of only healthy foods, I’ll be forced to create something healthy out of them. Fortunately, my poor college years have honed down the skill of inventing edible recipes out of all sorts of crap leftover in the fridge.

Anyway, here are some things I bought that day:

  1. Eggs
  2. Wheat & walnut bread
  3. Celery
  4. Tuna (not too healthy)
  5. Cherry tomatoes
  6. Strawberries
  7. Plain yogurt
  8. AVOCADO! I’ve been wanting to buy some but they’re so expensive here (3 for $10!)
  9. Chicken breast
  10. Cheddar cheese
  11. can’t remember the rest

Aaand here are a couple of things I’ve tried out with these ingredients:

fried egg version

fried egg version

I don’t know how ‘healthy’ this one really was because I put quite a lot of mayo on the bread… Still, I tried. It tasted pretty damn good! And the avocado was really fresh and creamy. Yumm 🙂

grilled chicken version

grilled chicken version

The next day, I wondered if grilled chicken breast would taste better than just fried eggs. Ingredients: Grilled chicken breast + tomato + cucumber slices + wheat walnut bread (no mayo!) + cheddar cheese + 1/3 avocado. I’d say there wasn’t that much of a difference – both sandwiches tasted pretty good! Next time, no cucumbers. I tried to sneak some in but I still can’t get used to its bland, watery taste. Blehh.

So far, besides a few bad days of eating out, eating healthy is going okay 🙂 I even ate a couple of yogurt cups (I hate yogurt haha) and they weren’t that bad. Slow and steady, slow and steady…


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