The No-Plan Plan

So… I am a chronic yoyo-er.
I get bursts of YEAH-LET’S-DO-THIS-FOREALS motivation a couple times a year, during which I eagerly Google the hell out of workouts, superfoods, before-n-after tumblr pics, healhty recipes, success stories, and make a 6-month workout plan as if I’m a certified trainer (far from it).

Everything goes as planned… for about 2~3 weeks. Then, when I notice a teeny tiny change, like my gut looking a teeny tiny bit smaller in the mirror, my brain gets overconfident and decides I can now eat whatever I want, whenever I want, and don’t have to workout as hard anymore.

Hello, Yoyo. We meet again.

So I’m trying out a new plan:
The No-Plan Plan. Instead of obsessing over pre-planning every single little detail and setting myself up for failure, I will instead incorporate baby steps into everyday life without making into a stressful assignment. Hit the gym when I have free time, hopefully once a day but not overdoing it, buy more veggies and fruits than cookies or soda, ENJOY eating in moderate portions without mental stress (“I shouldn’t be eating this… I wonder how many hours I’ll have to exercise to burn this off…”). I know, I know, serious body image issues.

Anyways, I’m hoping that posting about the little hurdles I overcome will encourage me to keep going. Let’s see if this works!


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