Apgujeong & Myeongdong: Foodporn, Coffee and Sticker Pics


My favorite thing about living in Korea is the sheer amount of choices I have in terms of food and entertainment. You are never bored, that’s for sure. There is always something new to see, do and EAT! The awesome public transportation also makes it convenient and pretty cheap to travel around the whole country. Back home in NC, most of my conversations with friends consisted of “What do you wanna do?” “Dunno. What do you wanna do?” “Mall?” “Meh, okay.” Ain’t nobody got time for that in Korea. Choose a city to meet in, look up some matjips (popular food places) and crazy attractions (such as a local festival or a sex museum), then hop on a bus or subway. Or you could just go to a random city and wander around – you’d be surprised at how many great hole-in-the-wall shops and restaurants are hiding all around you. If you are more interested in hanging out in Seoul, here is what a typical weekend girly catch-up date may look like (the non-clubbing/barhopping version).

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Happy 2015!


What better way to start off this new year than with a Year of the Sheep cake? Hubs and I had a nice quiet night in, warm and cozy under a fuzzy blanket while watching the crazy crowds freezing their butts off in Jonggak. We actually did that exact same thing three years ago, and now we shake our heads and crack up at ourselves when we reminisce on that crazy night.

Strangely, I do not have the urge to make any new years’ resolutions at all this year. I’ve been waiting and waiting for it to come – that feeling of breathing in a fresh start, setting life-changing goals… Continue reading

Christmas Eve in Bucheon: Aiins World & UFO

IMG_1876While living the foreign life of an expat has plenty of perks and adventures, one major downside is having to spend the holidays apart from your family and friends on opposite sides of the world. On top of that, my husband had to work the night shift on Christmas Eve! But before he had to leave for work at 10PM, he planned a lovely little Christmas Eve date-night that started as soon as I arrived home from work.

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10 Tips for DIY Christmas Mani (With Gems!)


Christmas is almost here, and I could not be more excited! Something about the holiday season just puts me in a constantly cheery mood. Things that would normally stress me out, e.g. my co-teacher’s incompetence, don’t seem that big of a deal anymore and I feel more at peace with everything. This unusual calm could also stem from the fact that winter vacation starts this Friday, but that counts as part of the holiday season, right? 🙂 Even if you are not a festive person, there is no doubt that getting a full manicure instantly puts you in a better mood. So why not add some festive cheer to blah nails this holiday season?

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Cozy Winter Breakfast


My favorite part of a cold, snowy weekend is waking up on Saturday morning and realizing that I don’t have to go in to work, then snuggling deeper into the warm down blanket with a huge smile. What could be better than that cozy feeling? Why, a healthy and filling breakfast of course! Sometimes I make pancakes with all the fixin’s (scrambled egg, sausages, fruit, tea), and at other times it’s just a simple meal such as this one. Today I chose to try out some new oatmeal I got from Emart along with some fresh, ripe strawberries that just came into season!

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How to: Snowy Winter Nails!


Happy holidays, everyone! Hope you are having a great holiday season wherever you are in the world. South Korea is quite literally freezing this winter (it was -15 Celsius yesterday), but I am still lovin’ this season! Reasons to love winter: Bundling up in cozy winter wear, sipping on hot tea while watching big, fat snowflakes falling outside, Christmas music blasting everywhere you go, festive house decor, and of course, playing around with cute winter nail designs. I have so many different ideas I want to try out, but in this post I’d like to share a random idea that I developed while rummaging through my nail polish collection.

Let’s get started on the Snowy Winter Nails tutorial!

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18 Cute Things My Students Do


April 2010: Field trip to the Children’s Museum with 2nd graders

Teaching at an elementary school in Korea sure accumulates plenty of interesting stories. Since both of the schools I’ve worked at are in the rural part of town, the students are a bit more innocent and childlike compared to most ‘city kids’ in urban areas. Although you can find cute kids in any sort of region you work in, I have a soft spot for my kiddos because a lot of them come from broken families and do not have the financial means to attend hagwons, so I’m the only source of English learning they have access to. There are days where my heart goes out to them, then there are days where I want to pull my hair out. However, for now I’d like to focus on the rare cute things my students have done or said over the years. I’m sure many of you teachers out there will have much more to add on! Continue reading

And the Best Husband Award Goes to…

besthubbyOkay. For the next few minutes I’m going to be that girl who brags about how great her hubby is. I don’t like it either, just bear with me if you can. I simply must take a moment to share how much I appreciate this man. I mean, look at what I came home to up there after a long, stressful day at work. A sink (and stove top) full of dirty dishes and pots with a post-it note on the rubber gloves that reads, “don’t touch. go rest ♥”. And from someone who usually never uses English, might I add. I may be biased because he’s my hubby and all, but I’d say that’s pretty post-worthy.


Just what the doctor ordered!

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5-Day Juice Cleanse: Day 4 & 5 (Super Late Update!)

Oh, dear. Look at me blogging about the ending to my juice cleanse THREE MONTHS after it’s over. Let me first apologize for the super delayed post and also say that yes, I DID successfully complete the entire 5 days to great results! Two days after finishing the cleanse, I went to Guam for a week’s vacation with my husband, and then went straight back to work to start the second semester. All thoughts of blogging went out the window right then and there because this new semester has been so incredibly stressful due to a sudden change in position between my co-teacher and another teacher (which apparently happened in secret over summer vacation). Thus began a hellish semester full of frustration, arguments, rants, accusations, headaches… Okay I’m going to need a whole separate post dedicated to this woman.

ANYWAY. Back to the cleanse! Let’s finally tie off loose ends on this thing. Fortunately, I’ve kept up a daily food log on my Instagram to keep track of everything I ate during and after the cleanse, so I will re-post those pictures down below.

Day 4 Juices

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5-Day Juice Cleanse: Day 3

I noticed that I’m much more energetic and positive in the mornings than evenings, which is the complete opposite of how I am while eating normally.

Day 3, Juice #1: “Carrot-Apple-Ginger” – made two servings last night with added lemon and pineapple.

20140813_0751008:00 PM – Driving to work

Taste: I was dreading drinking this carrot juice today because last night I could barely keep it down. But it was actually very good this morning! It really helps to drink these juices ice cold – it makes a world of difference. Just like beer straight out of the fridge vs. lukewarm beer that’s been sitting out. Ah, beer.. beer with fried chicken… with BBQ sauce…

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